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The purpose of this website is to inform. Being that Sandy Valley has no newspaper we are using the current technology to reach as many citizens in Sandy Valley as possible. From time to time we will investigate current and future problems that the citizens of Sandy Valley may be facing. I haven’t met anyone in Sandy Valley that hasn’t welcomed new neighbors or encouraged a new business to open that would provide locals more job opportunities. We all recognize that growth and development in our community are inevitable.  However, we should have some say in how this growth and development affect our community. I will do my best in reporting the current or popular issues that we face. Giving both sides with the information I have available. However, from time to time I may write an editorial giving my own opinions. Thanks for your interest.

 Mark Altschuler 

If you have any comments or have heard of anything you feel the community should know about. Please use the following contact form.


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